Understanding and Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Issues


SQL Server Performance Tuning is a major topic for Database Administrators and it is also a challenge for them to trace the issues and tune it. We should know what are the major areas where SQL Server performance issues may reside.




Here, I am listing major areas for database performance issues.

  • Poor Database Indexing

  • Poor Query Design

  • Old Statistics

  • Poor and Non-Reusable Execution Plans

  • Excessive Blocking and Deadlocks

  • Improper Use of Cursors

  • Poor Database Design

  • Excessive Database Fragmentation

  • Frequent Recompilation of Queries

  • Improper Configuration of Database Log

  • Improper Configuration of tempdb and Excessive Use

You can also refer below links to troubleshoot performance Issues.

Reference: Manzoor Siddiqui [www.SQLServerLog.com]

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